Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel's axis of evil

Israel’s axis of evil
The cruel and inhumane annexation of Palestinian territories by the British Mandate 1917- 1948 saw Palestinians evicted from their homes and their lands forcibly given to the Jewish Zionists which became the State of Israel. This act of inhumanity against the Palestinians, who had lived and developed this land for generations, was designed by western hegemony as restitution to a Jewish people who had been horrifically persecuted by Christian civilisation for nearly 2000 years. The Jews must have thought that the Promised Land had arrived and that the long awaited Messiah in the name of the Christian Jesus had finally delivered. However the blood which has flowed since indicates that this arrangement was not spiritually ordained but was just another politicised land grab which gave one group a nation at the expense of another.

Ironically the once persecuted and nationless Jewish people suddenly developed amnesia and forgot their years in the wilderness, and so they became the deliverers of heinous crimes against their former brothers and sisters of old Palestine.

The Christian west (especially the US) is supporting Israel’s criminal war machine against Palestine because its wacko religious Christian fundamentalists follow an unsupported doctrine which promises the return of a manufactured Jesus- Mithras apparition only after the Jews regain the so called holy land and Jerusalem. As a result we have witnessed over 80 years of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, with Israel acting as proxy tyrant for the Americans, using American money and weapons of mass destruction to drive the Palestinians across the border to Jordon. But they refuse to go and fight back with sky rockets and stones.

Israel’s refusal to honour UN resolutions and withdraw from Arab lands it annexed after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and Israel’s decades of carnage and murder and a daily barrage of heinous crimes against the innocent civilians of Palestine, will see history immortalise Israel and their proxy Christian fundamentalist controllers in Britain and America as one of the worst examples of crimes against humanity from the darkest annals of the so called modern era. This history will eventually be elevated alongside the atrocious history of Nazism. That a sophisticated technologically advanced American militarised state like Israel can repeatedly attack and economically starve a virtually defenceless peoples like the Palestinians, reeks of the sorts of cowardice one sided battles of Masada, the Cathars, Wounded Knee, Nagasaki- Hiroshima, Vietnam and Iraq.

Clearly in Palestine, unfolds the classic story of David and Goliath with the role of David being played by the Palestinians and Goliath starring the Israelis, which is supported and empowered by their archaic and plagiarised Jewish religion.

The high symbolism of the Jews bowing down, cowering and worshipping their ancestors through an old Roman wall, (The Wailing Wall is the western wall of an old Roman fortress finally built and enlarged by Herod the Great. Palestinians say that the Jews never considered it a holy place until the British mandate in1917), demonstrates that the state of Jewish Israel is now the proxy of the Roman founded Christian religion with its unresolved history of Inquisitions and Crusades that are remanifesting by being re-enacted in the modern arena. These bloody crusades are being controlled by the western Christian political, economic and religious cabals. (666). When Rome (now America and its western alliance) falls again, as is evident that this process has begun in earnest, it will take with it the state of Israel and its entire economic support base.

While Israel has a right to its nationhood and self determination, (to which I repeat it was given to it by the western Christian alliance out of guilt for 2000 years of persecution of the Jews by Christianity), it has no right to further usurp Palestinian lands and kill without impunity, the Palestinian people, because they refuse to allow this western backed militaristic cabal to roll right over it and push them from the face of the earth. Jewish dominated Israel will never succeed in this military objective which it carries out on behalf of the Christian cabals because it is not the true and authentic “chosen people” and nor is Christianity the “body of Christ”. Both religions are both demon inspirations who historically plagiarised and then nationalised as an entity of nationhood, the teachings of the original visionaries of the Hebrews and the Nazarenes of Christ.

Both Jesus and Daniel predicted the modern outcomes out of which emerged the Zionist and the Holy Roman Christian Empires, which is today’s western alliance. Jesus & Daniel said that a spiritual abomination will continue to occupy and control the holy office of God.

Standing in the holy place where it should not be you will see the AWFUL HORROR which the prophet Daniel spoke of. (Jesus, Mat 24:15 & Mark 13:14)

The AWFUL HORROR will be placed at the highest point of the temple and will remain there till the one whom put it there meets the end which God has prepared for him. (Daniel 9 v 26:27)

There can never be peace in the Middle East until justice is done and the Israelis and Palestinians bury the hatchet and live side by side as they have done previously up until their politicisation by western Christian interests.

Peter Terry


Peter Terry said...

It’s now pretty obvious why the IDF cut of all humanitarian supplies, including medical, to Gaza some weeks ago. They were preparing for the weekend attacks and minimising the ability of Palestinian hospitals to respond to the forthcoming barrage of WOMD. In recent days the Israelis have been destroying social infrastructure, universities, educational and religious institutions and medical storage facilities. Whatever you’re positions on this conflict, this tantamounts to ethnic cleansing with genocidal overtones.

The 80 year economic and cultural blockades against the Palestinians starve the Palestinian people, NOT HAMAS. It drives the moderate Palestinians and Arabs into the arms of wacko fundamentalist Islam and traumatises all the children who are raised on a diet of hatred and revenge against the west. Perhaps the complete traumatisation of the Middle East is a secrete Roman Christian agenda for which the Israelis have become another pawn of a 2000 year old violent Christian holocaust against any cultural or religious entity on the planet which does not pay homage to it? After all Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and this must create serious long term problems for the conservative Christian west whose own sectarian churches are floundering on the verge collapse. The facts remain that these militaristic acts of stupendous barbarity by Israel are being carried out with American money, American military hardware and with no serious condemnation from the rest of the so called free world. Go figure???

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling the truth. Debra